SSL with Docker Compose

It is essential to set up https for the domain of your cloud hosted version for it to work properly. For that purpose, we have created a Docker Compose file, with all the necessary configuration, to easily self host Canonic.


  • Git
  • Docker Compose
  • License key from Canonic

Clone the repository

Once git is installed, you need to clone the Github repository, and change into the cloned directory.

git clone
cd canonic-self-hosted

Configuring Environment Variables

You can configure the environment variables present in the .env file with your own LICENSE, APP_URL, MONGO_URL and so on.

For more details on the various environment variables that can be added, check out Configuration.

Configuring Docker Compose

In order to set up https on your domain, you need to configure the Docker Compose file.

  • Change VIRTUAL_HOST and LETSENCRYPT_HOST to your domain where you want to host the app. For example
  • Change DEFAULT_EMAIL under nginx-proxy-acme environment to your email ID.

Running the Compose file

docker-compose up

And that's it! With this you can easily self host Canonic and set up SSL to access the app on https.

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