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A low code platform to craft APIs in minutes

Canonic allows you to publish complex REST & GraphQL APIs complete with webhook workflows, documentation and a CMS.

If you got an exciting new project, we have the fastest way for you to build it.

Just leave your details here and we will give you a demo on how Canonic can help you scale and build quickly.

How it works

Step 1

A powerful editor to model your content.

Canonic's graph based editor changes the way we define our data using content platforms. Visualize and see relations instantly. Simpler than drag & drop!

Step 2

A CMS that makes publishing a breeze.

A headless CMS molded to the content that you define. This makes publishing and authoring fast and intuitive.

Step 3

Powerful & extensible APIs generated like magic.

Based on the content, APIs for both GraphQL and REST are generated automatically.

You can build powerful workflows by creating custom endpoints and webhooks.

Top Features

  • API Playground

    API Playground

    Use the in built GraphQL playground to instaneously test out your APIs. Comes with autocomplete!

  • Webhooks


    Trigger workflows whenever your data changes. Deploy builds, execute functions, send messages and everything in between.

  • Extensible APIs

    Extensible APIs

    Canonic generates CRUD APIs for your content. You can create, modify, delete new ones all through our built-in code editor.

  • Crafted Docs

    Crafted Docs

    Canonic automatically generates detailed documentation around your APIs along with examples and their parameters.

What's New

  • Import & link existing data sources

    Automatically generate the content model based on existing data and get started in minutes. Use Mongo DB, Postgree, Airtbale or My SQL.

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  • Reorder and reorganize your fields

    Drag & drop to easily modify the order of your fields. The CMS uses this order for better layouts.

    Learn More
  • Gatsby Plugin

    Use the gatsby datasource loader to seamlessly use Canonic's data inside your Gatsby websites. Easily build the backend on Canonic and frontend with Gatsby.

    Learn More
  • Instant Deployments

    Deploy in less than 10 seconds with Instant Deploy. The first deploy after creating your project now takes less than 10 seconds. This is nearly a 100x speedup from the previous time of 1m 30.

Use Cases

Setup a dynamic CMS for your website in minutes.

Use the graph based editor to define your content, Cannonic handles the rest.
GraphQL and REST APIs ready to consume in minutes complete with documentation and a headless CMS.


Faster development time


Less resources
Canonic for websites

Here's what some of our users say!

Tom Johnson
Designer, Maker of Pixels
“I just spent about 20 minutes in your tool and have already deployed a back end. I've literally never deployed a backend before.
Akshay Kulkarni
Product Manager, Haptik
Building out APIs and all the boilerplate that comes with it has put me off so many projects. Thanks for making this we can work on many more projects”
Arpit Bhardwaj
“Now that it exists, it's really hard to believe something as brilliant as this didn't exist.
Glenn McWhinney
Founder, The Flow.agency
“This looks like a great addition to the NoCode space where makers prefer to 'stay visual' when they can but without sacrificing flexibility

& Extensions

Use a plethora of integrations to fully integrate with your SaaS stack. Trigger webhooks and workflows based on changes to your data.
Add authentication with popular social media providers and much more!

  • Login with Providers

    Login with Providers

    Sign in your users with Github, Google & Facebook.

  • Slack


    Send messages whenever your content is modified.

  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

    Execute serverless functions in response to changes.

  • CI/CD


    Trigger deploys on Netlify, Heroku, Travis, & more.

  • Gatsby


    Use canonic as a data source on Gatsby.

  • + A lot more

    + A lot more

    Use custom webhooks to integrate virtually any service.

How can Canonic help you?



Build production ready backend APIs without writing a single line of code.
Focus on what matters.

Business/Agency Owners

Business/Agency Owners

Deliver products at lightning speeds by skipping repetitive tasks.
Retain stronger control over your vision.

Product Manager

Product Manager

Reach your goals sooner by iterating rapidly with Canonic.
One click publishing makes this intuitive and quick.

Enthusiastic about exploring building APIs at the speed of light?

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Together we can change the world 🌏

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