Credentials for 3rd party Integrations


Canonic offers a bunch of third party services which can be easily integrated into your application. In order to use these services in your self hosted version, it is essential to set up the credentials for each service that you need.


To know more about the different types of integrations that Canonic offers, you can read Integrations.

How to add credentials

Credentials for the various integrations like Slack, Google APIs, etc can be easily added for the self hosted version of the platform by following these steps:


  • Go to User Settings
  • Click on Integration Credentials on the left sidebar
  • This should open up the Integration Credentials page. Here you can add credentials like Client ID, Client Secret, etc for the integrations you want to use.



There are various credentials which can be added for each integration. They are -

  • Client ID - The client ID provided by the integration.
  • Client Secret - The client secret provided by the integration.
  • Access Token URL - The access token URL provided by the integration.
  • Redirect URL - The redirect URL provided by the integration.
  • Scopes - The permissions which define a particular task performed by the integration. For example, in order to use the Google Spreadsheets integration, the scope needs to be added from the Scopes dropdown. Multiple scopes can be added for each service you want to use.
  • App ID - This credential is only specific for Hubspot.

Things to note

  • For Google integrations like Youtube, Google Calendar and Google Analytics, the credentials from Google APIs are automatically fetched. These integrations only require the specific scopes that you want to add.
  • Before using any integration in your application, it is essential to add the credentials and required scopes.
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