Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits on the self-hosted edition?

The limits depend on the plan that you have active on Canonic cloud. You can change the limits by going to the billing section in Canonic Cloud (

Can I self-host Canonic anywhere?

Yes! It's a simple docker image that you can run on any cloud or VPS instance. You just need 1vCPU and at least 2GB of memory for optimal performance.

What data does the self-hosted version send back to Canonic?

The self-hosted version runs completely independently of the cloud version. It just communicates with the main server to validate the license. We also send some product usage telemetry such as crashes and bugs to continuosly improve experiences.

How are updates delivered?

Canonic doesn't self-update. This is to ensure that you have complete control over updates. New versions are pushed on Docker frequently. In order to update, simply pull the newer image and restart the container.

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