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Your personal dashboard is the first page you'll see when you sign in on Canonic. It gives a wholistic view of everything that is happening within your space on the platform.

Multiple members with different roles and permissions can collaborate on the same project. See User Roles for more information.

πŸ“½ Recent Projects

In the "Recent Projects" section of your feed, you can quickly find and follow up with recently updated projects you're working on.

πŸ‘€ Sample Projects (Templates)

The list of top sample projects suggestions is automatically generated for you to get started even quicker. See Sample Projects for more information.

πŸ™Œ Projects View

The projects page accessible from the menu is a tabular list of all projects. This includes projects created by you, shared with you and any public samples.

Each project represents an independent graph (its content model) with it's own tailored content management system & documentation. You can either create a new project, browse sample projects in the marketplace, clone them or join a project.


  • My Projects: All the projects created or cloned by you.
  • Shared Projects: All the projects you have been invited to work on.

You can search through your projects, filter & sort them based on the project status, type and industry right there.


🎊 What's New?

You can keep track of what's latest on Canonic on the what's new tab. You can view our roadmap to see what's release and what's upcoming.

You can also submit your feature/enhancement requests or report any bugs that you encounter. See Product Roadmap for more information.

Submitting Requests

We are a big belivers in closing the loop. We don't want that your feedback is just disappearing into the ether. So you can submit any of the following things to us, directly from here.

  • 🀩 Feature Requests you have.
  • 🐞 Bugs that you encounter.
  • 🀌 Enhancements you want to see in the platform.
  • πŸ“ Feedback you have for us.

To submit a request, click on the + Feature Request button on top of the roadmap.


🎊 Help

A portal designed to help you find the right resources, guides and documentation.

🚨 The first place to go to and search if you're stuck!

Along with relevant content, you can also contact support, file a bug, submit feedback or view our repository.


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