Text Component

Configuration Options
Theme Options


The text component is primarily used as a presentational component to show text / paragraphs. Markdown can be used for formatting the text as required.


Configuration Options


Expected Type: String | Markdown

The text that's showed. It can either be plain / simple text or markdown.


  • Click: Triggers whenever the text is clicked.
  • Double Click: Triggers whenever the text is clicked twice in quick succession.
  • Right Click: Triggers whenever the text is right-clicked.
  • Mouse Enter: Triggers whenever the mouse starts hovering over the component.
  • Mouse Leave: Triggers whenever the mouse stops hovering over the component.

Theme Options

  • Text Align: The text's text alignment. (Number | Pixels)
  • Text Color: The text's text color. (String | Hex)
  • Text Style: The text's text style. (Bold | Italic | Underline)
  • Text Size: The text's text size. (Number | Pixels)
  • Padding: The text's padding. (Number | Pixels)
  • Shadow: The text's shadow. (Shadow)
  • Border: The text's border. You can also specify the radius for the edges. (Border)
  • Background Color: The text's background color. (String | Hex)
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