Standalone type fieldsets

Standalone type fieldsets are used just to group together relavant fields that make sense together. You can only have singular value of the fields inside a STANDALONE type fieldset.

For example, if you want to store location co-ordinates, you can create a filedset that has Longitude and Latitude as grouped fileds inside them.

Minimum one field is required to create a STANDALONE type field-set

In the Graph


Create a Standalone field-set by simply creating a field-set and marking the input type as STANDALONE.

In the CMS


When you publish a STANDALONE type fieldset, it's available in the Content Management System as a form input.

In the API

In the API the output for a standalone type field-set is an object with the fields inside them as the keys.

Sample GraphQL Request

query {
  users {
    location { # Marked as a standalone type field-set

Sample GraphQL Response

  "data": {
    "users": [
        "name": "Simranjot",
        "location": {
          "longitude": "-77.0364",
          "latitude": "38.8951",
          "city": "Washington DC"
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