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Boost productivity with Canonic's employee time tracker

Efficiently track and manage employee time for enhanced productivity

Track employee time with ease

Automatic time tracking

Effortlessly track employee work hours with automated time tracking, eliminating manual data entry and improving accuracy.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor employee activities and project progress in real-time, ensuring optimal time utilization and timely project completion.

Flexible timesheet management

Manage and organize employee timesheets flexibly, enabling easy tracking, approvals, and payroll processing.

Boost employee productivity with time tracker

Streamline time tracking

Efficiently track and manage employee time for improved productivity.

Advanced time-based analytics

Maximize insights with advanced analytics on employee time data.

Integrate productivity tools

Effortlessly integrate with productivity tools for enhanced collaboration.

Centralized time management

Efficiently manage and track employee time for accuracy and consistency.

Boost productivity with Canonic's time analysis

Productivity insights

Gain valuable productivity insights with detailed reports on employee time usage, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

Project cost analysis

Analyze project costs based on employee time allocations, helping you make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation.

Client billing accuracy

Ensure accurate payroll calculations and streamline payroll processing, reducing errors and saving time for HR teams.

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