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Built with security and authentication in mind.

We use industry standard security practices to ensure that your data is locked and secure.

Secure by Design

We frequently evaluate risks, threats & vulnerabilities to ensure the security of our systems & your data.

Deployed worldwide on a scalable & robust infrastructure.

Our infrasturcture is deployed on ISO 27001 certified AWS Data Centers around the world.

Role based authentication and governance.

Designate roles and permissions for your team members to ensure secure & compliant collaboration.

Encryption at rest combined with frequent backups

Data is encrypted in transit with industry standard SSL. Sensitive data is encrypted at rest along with frequent backups.

Reliable features to secure your data.

    Permissioned API Keys
    Generate permissioned API keys for different roles on the basis of least priveleged access.
    Secure Header Policies
    Everything is transmitted over SSL, and we ensure our SSL configuration is always an A+.
    We leverage AWS Cloudfront for serving all data through a global content delivery network.
    Access to data
    Access to data is tighly controlled, and we log all access and audit vulnerabilities regularly.
    Data retention policy
    Engineered in a way that your data is stored only as long as you need it. Can be deleted upon your request.
    Secure SDLC
    Security is a major focus in our dev process. We hold a detailed security evaluation before every release.