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Demo of Canonic

A quick 30 mins session to know the platform and us

This will be a quick 30min session. Here are the things that you will learn:

  1. Canonic Platform
  2. Collaborating opportunities
  3. API Workflows & Integrations
  4. Generating API and insights

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Top Features

Features that help you make your
backends faster.

  • Database & Schedule Triggers

    Connect a Postgres, MySQL, Airtable, MongoDB database to your project.

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  • GraphQL Playground

    Graphically interact with your database by using the GraphQL Playground.

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  • Instant Deployments

    A serverless architecture ensures instant and stable deployments.

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  • Social Sign-In

    A unified API to handle third-party logins from different authenticators.

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  • GraphQL & Rest APIs

    Integrate with your frontend using our GraphQL and Rest APIs.

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  • Adaptive CMS

    The CMS automatically adapts to your data schema to make it more intuitive..

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