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Build workflows with custom logic.

Deliver custom experiences to your users by defining your business logic in a graphical interface.

Complete with a built-in code editor.

Complex business logic that just has to be coded out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our built-in code editor.

Use Cron triggers to automate notifications.

Automate notifications or messages by using Cron triggers and improve communication with your users or your team.

All your favourite integrations.

Create an efficient workflow by integrating services from your favourite providers.

Create a chain of webhooks

Trigger multiple webhooks from a single endpoint by creating a chain of webhooks.

Complex workflows, minimal effort.

Top benefits

    Trigger webhooks
    Trigger a webhook whenever an API is invoked to perform an operation.
    Looping logic
    Run actions in a loop until a specific condition is met.
    Conditional if-else
    Define actions based on whether a condition is true or false.
    Send Emails/Messages/SMS
    Send out communication by using our Twilio, Mailgun or Slack integrations.
    Invoke Builds
    Support for Travis, GitLab, BitBucket and Circle CI to trigger builds whenever necessary.
    Serverless Functions
    Trigger both, Google Serverless functions or AWS Lambda functions directly from our platform.

Enough said, let's start building

Start using canonic's fullstack solution to build internal tools for free