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Frontend SDK

SDK that fits in your workflow.

Focus on the frontend code while building a complete backend in low code, all of it without leaving your console.

top features

A library to keep the frontend integration simple

  • Modular Components

    Import components which are used by your project, keep your project light & fast.

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  • Highly Customisable

    With a range of arguments, customize components to fit your brand design.

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  • Automatic data fetching

    Take care of different states like loading, fetching, and refreshing data.

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  • Filtering & Pagination

    Replicate the same code with built-in filtering and pagination in custom components.

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Freedom to integrate everywhere in low code

Freedom to integrate everywhere in low code

With our SDK doing the heavy lifting of data management, focus on business logic that lets you deliver the best experience to users without leaving your editor.

Enough said, let's start building

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