Send Daily Reports, Monthly Newsletters or other reminders without writing any code.

Scheduled triggers allows you to trigger periodic or one-off events.

Automate Events without diving into CRON and scripts.

Our simple scheduler UI makes it easy for you to execute your business logic at the right time. You can even use a CRON expression or custom function to determine the time of execution.

Automate Events without diving into CRON and scriptsAutomate Events without diving into CRON and scripts
top Benefits

Scheduled Triggers as part of your unified backend

  • Interact with your data

    Trigger a webhook whenever an API is invoked to perform an operation.

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  • Set it as a one-off event

    Run actions in a loop until a specific condition is met.

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  • Notifications made easy

    Define actions based on whether a condition is true or false.

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  • Send Emails/Messages/SMS

    Send out communication by using our Twilio, Mailgun or Slack integrations.

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Build complex backends without writing any code.


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