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Get the most from your prototype with Lowcode Platform

Quick iterations, faster go-to-market, and more. It takes a lot of effort and time to build Minimum viable products. Overcome these challenges with Canonic's low code platform.


Building MVPs: Roadblocks

  • Time-consuming

    Manually coding and building your MVP will take a while, which will delay you from getting ready with your product and getting feedback from users.

  • Slow iterations

    MVPs are expected to receive constant feedback from users, but slow iteration can cause delays.

  • Platform limitations

    Adding features to your MVP that the platform doesn't support is difficult.


Canonic: As your Lowcode platform of choice

  • Extend at ease

    Extend your App with APIs (both rest and graphql), CMS, integration, and various different data sources. Build with the code editor for complex codes.

  • Low expertise barrier

    Add even the most complex of features with the help of the built-in code editor. Custom code editors also offer great customization options.

  • Save your efforts & time

    Work efficiently and export the actual backend code and save your efforts in a matter of minutes.

Build complex backends without writing any code.


We can be better, together.

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