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We have integrations ready and coded for you

A marketplace full of integrations backed by community, helps save time and money.

Plug & Play from community plugins!

Find the best integration from a host of integrations pushed by Community & Canonic itself. The list is ever growing!

Plug & Play from your own git integrations

Plug your own integration directly into Canonic using any git service of your choice or easily create one.


Integrations we offer

    Slack is an enterprise software platform that allows teams and businesses of all sizes to communicate effectively.
    Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP, and SMS apps via a web API.
    Mailgun offers APIs that allow users to send, receive and track emails.
    Netlify is a web development tool that automates code to build and deploy sites and web applications.
    Travis CI
    Hosted Continuous Integration Platform
    Circle CI
    CircleCI is a continuous integration and delivery platform that automates development workflows and IT operations.
    GitLab is the DevOps platform that empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development.
    Bitbucket is a Git and Mercurial code management and collaboration platform used by professional teams to build, test and deploy software.
    AWS Lambda
    AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service that lets you run code for virtually any type of application or backend services.
    Google Cloud
    Google Cloud Function is a scalable pay-as-you-go functions as a service (FaaS) to run your code with zero server management.
    OAuth's implementation of Google that lets you sign in using Google.
    OAuth's implementation of Facebook that lets you sign in using Facebook.
    OAuth's implementation of GitHub that lets you sign in using GitHub.
    MongoDB is a next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data.
    MySQL is an open-source database that supports scalable web-based and embedded database applications.
    PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system with an emphasis on extensibility and standards-compliance.
    Google Sheets
    Create and collaborate on online spreadsheets in real-time and from any device.
    YouTube is a video-sharing platform, allows users to upload, view, and share videos, including movie and music clips and amateur content.
    Slack is an enterprise software platform that allows teams and businesses of all sizes to communicate effectively.
    GitHub provides code hosting services that allow developers to build software for open-source and private projects in organizations.
    Asana is a computer software company that specializes in the fields of work management and productivity.
    Twitter is a social networking platform that allows its users to send and read micro-blogs of up to 280-characters known as tweets.
    Stripe is a developer-oriented commerce company helping small and large companies accept web and mobile payments.
    HubSpot develops cloud-based, inbound marketing software that allows businesses to transform the way that they market online.
    Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool for saving and discovering creative ideas.