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Secure authentication built into your backend.

A single contact point for your entire backend as well as any other authentication platforms.

Top Features

Features that let you do more.

    Multiple Providers
    We currently support Google, Facebook, Github & Facebook and are in the process of adding more.
    Custom Fields
    Add custom input types to your fields and make navigating through your database easier.
    User Management (CMS)
    An adaptive CMS automatically adapts to your database making user management easier.
    REST/GraphQL API’s
    We autogenerate Rest and GraphQL APIs that you can use for authentication.
    Third Party Integrations
    A plethora of integrations available to extend your authentication API and satisfy your business needs.
    Custom Workflows
    Add business logic using our built-in code editor to fully customise your Authentication API.

We make time for you to do more.

Additional benefits for businesses

    No More Multiple APIs
    You only have to call a single API for authentication.
    Easy Data Management
    New users created automatically get added to your database.
    Save Time
    A single touchpoint handling APIs and authentication saves a lot of time.
    Improve data security
    Sensitive user-data exchange between your backend and authentication service is avoided.
    Performance and Scalability
    One touchpoint for authentication boost the performance of your platform by reducing the number of API calls.
    Reduce Support Effort
    A single touchpoint ensures that we can provide continuous support across your backend.

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