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A complete solution to build complex internal tools.

A low-code solution for teams to focus on critical tasks and automate the rest.

Bring simplicity to complexity

A frontend builder that just works

Using a simple drag-n-drop interface coupled with powerful bindings allow just about any type of tool to be built.

Build and design multi step workflows

Add business logic using a simple mind-map like interface. Make API calls, connect with services, add conditionals, loops and branches.

Interact with hundreds of services and datasources

We connect with all your favorites! From connecting to your postgres database to pulling data from Salesforce, interact with them all.

All the features you can need

    Connect multiple databases
    Connect multiple database to your project. We support Postgres, MySQL, and MongoDB databases.
    Frontend Builder
    Drag and drop components to build your UI. Add your own custom components.
    Custom Domains
    Connect your project to the domain of your choice and deploy it securely
    User Authentication
    Prebuilt user authentication available to add with 3rd party sign support as well
    GraphQL & Rest APIs
    Get APIs with your project and integrate with your existing infrastructure
    Adaptive CMS
    The CMS automatically adapts to your data schema to make it more intuitive..

Enough said, let's start building

Start using canonic's fullstack solution to build internal tools for free