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Focus on your core enterprise and avoid the maintenance grind.

Canonic is enterprise ready and can save you up to hundreds of hours of development a week.

Enterprise features

Dedicated autoscaling infrastructure

Enterprise accounts are run on a dedicated autoscaling infrastructure on AWS to deliver sub 200ms response times.

On premises deployment coming soon.

Security & Audit logs

We take security extremely seriously. Everything is encrypted in transit and all sensitive information is encrypted at rest.

Read more about security.

Role based access control

Ensure cross-functional teams can collaborate by ensuring everyone has the right access.

Detailed audit and access logs are available on request

Built for the new age enterprise

  • Webhooks & Integrations

    Webhooks & Integrations

    Sending emails, triggering slack notifications, triggering deploys and configuring identity options are all easier than ever.

    No coding experience needed

  • Business Logic ++

    Business Logic ++

    Maintenance and tech debt can easily become a big distraction when dealing with production environments.

    Canonic helps shave hours of updating, maintaining & scaling repeatable code.

  • Unified Deployments

    Unified Deployments

    We support integration with nearly all modern stacks.

    Use Canonic as a unified content store for all your users regardless of their device.

  • Crafted CMS

    Crafted CMS

    Our content management system adapts to the content you define.

    Rich input types make authoring and publishing a breeze.

  • GraphQL APIs

    GraphQL APIs

    GraphQL allows you to fetch only the content you need all through a single endpoint.

    This makes it fast and efficient for all kinds of workloads.

  • i18n


    Support multiple locales to serve a wider range of visitors across different languagaes and regions.

    Seamlessly add content in various languages through the CMS.


Data retention policy

Data retention policy

Engineered in a way that your data is stored only as long as you need it. Can be delete upon request.

Secure Header Policies

Secure Header Policies

Everything is transmitted over SSL, and we ensure our SSL configuration is always an A+.

Permissioned API Keys

Permissioned API Keys

Generate permissioned api keys for different roles on the basis of least priveleged access.

If you got an exciting new project, we have the fastest way for you to build it.

Just leave your details here and we will give you a demo on how Canonic can help you scale and build quickly.