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Streamlining Gift Voucher Automation for One Less

One Less, a Shopify fashion brand, ditched gift voucher headaches by teaming up with Canonic, building a smooth, self-serve system right into their store. ✨

Tanisha Chouhan

Thu Jan 18 20243 min read

Client Overview:

One Less, a prominent fashion brand, has offered a wide range of trendy and sustainable clothing through their online store hosted on Shopify. As part of their customer engagement strategy, they frequently offer gift vouchers to enhance the shopping experience and encourage customer loyalty.

Challenges Faced:

Before partnering with Canonic, One Less faced challenges in efficiently managing and distributing gift vouchers to customers. The process was manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors, leading to delays and inconsistencies in customer experiences. The brand recognized the need to automate this process to improve operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction.

Canonic's Solution:

Canonic collaborated with One Less to develop a comprehensive solution that addressed their gift voucher management challenges. The goal was to create an automated gift voucher page integrated seamlessly with One Less' Shopify store. Canonic leveraged its low-code capabilities to design a user-friendly interface for the customers and administrators.

Key Features of the Automated Gift Voucher Page:

  1. Easy Voucher Generation: Customers could effortlessly generate gift vouchers of varying denominations directly from the One Less website. The process involved selecting the voucher amount and customizing the design.
  2. Personalization Options: Canonic integrated features that allowed customers to personalize the gift vouchers with personalized messages and recipient details, enhancing the emotional value of the gift.
  3. Real-time Delivery: Once generated, the gift vouchers were instantly delivered to the recipients via email, ensuring quick and hassle-free distribution.
  4. Seamless Integration with Shopify: Canonic ensured a seamless integration with One Less' Shopify platform, allowing customers to easily access the gift voucher page and make purchases within the same interface.
  5. Automated Backend Processing: Canonic optimized the backend processes by automating voucher code generation, tracking voucher usage, and updating the database in real time. This reduced the workload on administrators and minimized errors.

Benefits Unleashed:

  1. Elevated Customer Delight: The once intricate gift voucher journey, now powered by automation, has gracefully bid farewell to manual hurdles, ushering in a shopping voyage for One Less customers that is as seamless as silk. The meticulously eradicated delays and errors have unfurled a canvas where shopping is an artful experience, brimming with joy and satisfaction.
  2. Operational Symphony: With Canonic's solution stepping into the spotlight, One Less has been gifted a symphony of streamlined processes. The backstage efforts once poured into managing gift vouchers have been recalibrated, bestowing the team with a treasure trove of hours. Liberated from the clutches of routine, they're now free to orchestrate grand strategies and nurture the core of their business.
  3. Brand Brilliance: The arrival of the automated gift voucher system has painted One Less as an avant-garde brand that dances to the rhythm of customer desires. Wrapped in the cloak of convenience and powered by the magic of technology, One Less now stands as a beacon of modernity. This transformation nurtures trust among customers, forging unbreakable bonds of loyalty.
  4. Sales Soar High: The streamlined gift voucher journey has unfurled a red carpet of inspiration for shoppers. More customers are embracing the allure of gift vouchers, their hands extended to grasp the keys to exquisite shopping. With each redeemed voucher, the crescendo of sales and revenue echoes through the corridors of success.
  5. Data-driven insights: Canonic's integration has infused the gift voucher journey with the power of foresight. Insights flow like hidden gems, revealing popular voucher denominations and the whispered secrets of customer preferences. Armed with this intelligence, One Less can craft marketing symphonies that resonate deeply with each individual's desires.

Canonic's low-code platform transformed One Less' gift voucher management process from manual and cumbersome to automated and efficient. The collaboration resulted in improved customer experiences, operational effectiveness, and brand perception.

As One Less continues to leverage Canonic's solution, the brand remains well-positioned to expand its customer base and maintain its competitive edge in the fashion industry.

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