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The Rise of Citizen Developers

Today, a new breed of innovators wielding intuitive low-code/no-code (LC/NC) tools is emerging: the citizen developer.

Tanisha Chouhan

Wed Jan 24 20246 min read

The software development industry is going through a massive upheaval. Today, the world of many layered lines of code does not belong to tech gurus who lurk in dark and sparse corners. Today, a new breed of innovators wielding intuitive low-code/no-code (LC/NC) tools is emerging: the citizen developer.

These heroes of innovation, empowered by visual interfaces and ready-made modules, are democratizing formulation itself and composing new rules for software building.

Imagine a marketing manager creating an entire data-driven campaign dashboard without a single line of code. Alternatively, a sales rep can automate lead generation workflows with just simple clicks.

This is the power of LC/NC platforms to unleash creativity and allow non-programmers transform their imagination into reality.

But, it's not something new. Many people and businesses are already using Low-Code/No-Code tools, and it's expected to become even more popular in the coming years. The stats say it all! 👇

People unlocking their hidden potential

People are building, and they're doing it with gusto! Encountered a problem in your domain? Roll up your sleeves and build your solution! Yes, it's that straightforward.

And people are diving in, harnessing this opportunity to innovate, tackle problems, bring their buried ideas to life—whether it's for the sheer joy of building, professional endeavors, or the pursuit of knowledge!

It feels empowering to have the ability to provide solutions and witness your creation optimizing the work process.

No more navigating through multiple stages of raising an issue, getting it identified, reaching out to developers, explaining the entire solution, enduring the wait for readiness, and finally commencing its use.

The same applies to ideas; you don't require someone else to execute them. Everything is at your fingertips—all you need to do is sign up and start building

Picture a finance analyst creating an app for expense reporting that fits the needs of his company’s workflows, increasing efficiency and making processes much simpler.

Or, a customer service representative designing a chatbot for simplified inquiries that can be left to machines while the human agents are occupied with more complicated problems and individualized interactions.

The options are as numerous and varied as the needs themselves.

After all, you shouldn't need to be profound in tech to create products/solutions; you just need to be profound in your domain.

Let’s look at people who have already aced the game!

Voiceflow: This voice app development platform, built on Bubble, enables users to create custom voice experiences for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant without coding. It's used by brands like HBO, Samsung, and Verizon to create engaging voice interactions for their customers.

Let’s take a completely different domain for our next example - Upsolve: This nonprofit legal aid platform, built on Glide, helps individuals file for bankruptcy without hiring a lawyer. It has streamlined the complex process, making it accessible to thousands of people who otherwise couldn't afford legal assistance.

Let’s take one more - Unqork: This enterprise-grade low-code platform has been used to build complex applications for major organizations, including Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, and more!

Sounds fun right? Here - Dig in more if you want to!

How HBO used Voiceflow to create a custom Alexa experience for Westworld: https://www.voiceflow.com/interfaces/in-app-assistant

Samsung's smart home assistant built with Voiceflow: https://www.samsung.com/us/accessibility/galaxy-mobile-voice-assistant/

Case study on Unqork's use by Goldman Sachs: https://www.unqork.com/why-goldman-sachs-raised-22-m-for-no-code-tech-firm-unqork

Someone rightfully said that the future belongs to those who can code, but it also belongs to those who can think without code

Stats prove it: more people building each year, turning ideas into solutions without waiting for programmers. Finance apps, chatbots, the possibilities are endless, all built by regular folks like you and me!

What happens when citizens build with L/N tools

In business departments, people profound knowledge of their department's processes, challenges, and unique needs. Using low-code or no-code tools, they turn their ideas into custom solutions that make things run smoother.

So identifying problems and building solutions takes place at a much rapid scale and can be a regular process at workplaces.

Imagine a nurse identifying workflow bottlenecks in the hospital administration system or a store manager pinpointing inventory issues within the supply chain. Citizen developers, armed with LC/NC tools, can translate these insights into solutions tailored to their specific context, leading to significant improvements in operational efficiency and productivity.

L/N tools also help in increased employee engagement and ownership. Giving employees the power to create their own solutions makes them feel proud and involved. Seeing their ideas turn into useful apps gives them a boost, makes them want to participate more, and keeps everyone working together to improve things. Citizen development turns passive watchers into active builders, bringing fresh ideas from the inside and making everyone happier and more involved.

That’s not it. L/N tools are largely accepted by the new gen as well!

GenZs are at it! Let’s first look at some of these amazing young entrepreneurs and their revolutionizing products:

Nova: Founded by 17-year-old Nova Evans, this platform connects Gen Z creators with brands for sponsored content collaborations, built without a single line of code using Glide.


Finly: Created by 19-year-old Michael McNulty, It’s a financial education app for teens, built using Bubble, that helps young people learn about money management and investing.


Climate Hackers: A collective of young climate activists led by 18-year-old Xiye Bastida, they utilize tools like Notion and Airtable to organize global awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts.


And the list goes on!

Born into a digitally native world, Gen Z thrives on experimentation and agility. Their fresh thinking challenges the status quo, leading them to envision solutions in unconventional ways. L/N tools is the perfect match for their dynamic ideas.

These platforms bypass coding complexities, letting Gen Z bring their entrepreneurial visions to life without getting bogged down in technical minutiae. The result? A surge of innovative products and services disrupting industries – from education and climate activism to marketing and mental well-being.

No longer tethered to traditional development practices, Gen Z is proving that passion, coupled with the power of low code, can pave the way for solutions, innovation and remarkable successes.

Low-code is like giving everyone a superpower - the power to build software." - David Mendels, VP of Marketing at Mendix

Build at super ease with Canonic

Canonic empowers citizen developers like you to build robust, production-ready applications without writing a single line. Start whipping up powerful solutions within minutes, not months, and master the platform in a matter of hours. It's the game-changer you've been waiting for.

Think of Canonic as your all-in-one hub for everything you need:

  • Full-stack development: Forget piecing together different tools. Canonic handles everything from front-end interfaces to back-end logic, giving you complete control over every aspect of your application.
  • Frictionless data and service integration: Connect your existing data and services effortlessly, creating a streamlined environment for managing and deploying your apps. Real-time connectivity ensures your data is always fresh and actionable.
  • Unleash endless possibilities: Integrate your favorite tools and databases with ease, building a personalized workflow that fits your unique needs. Canonic supports all the biggest names, from databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL to integrations like Zapier and Slack.
  • Effortless automation: Add logic to your apps with intuitive workflows, automating tasks and enhancing functionality without diving into complex code. Imagine streamlining approval processes, triggering notifications, and dynamically adjusting elements based on user actions – all with a few clicks.
  • Freedom without lock-in: Canonic gives you the power to build without fear. We believe in open platforms and unshackled creativity, so you can easily migrate your applications to other platforms whenever you desire.

Don't let technical limitations hold you back. Embrace the power of Canonic and become the citizen developer you were always meant to be. Try it out today and discover a world of possibilities where innovation knows no bounds.

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