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Release Notes - September 2023

Here's a summary of all the changes that were released in September. There's a lot to unwrap so let's get started!

Ajay Jarhad

Mon Oct 02 20235 min read

We've added API nodes, changelogs, new integrations, and more this September. here's a quick summary of all the upgrades & fixes released last month.

API Nodes in Workflows

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new API Node, a groundbreaking feature that significantly simplifies the process of integrating external services into your Canonic workflows. Recognizing the increasing need for seamless external connections in today's interconnected digital landscape, we've designed the API Node to facilitate effortless communication with a wide range of external APIs.


The API Node serves as a versatile gateway, allowing you to tap into various external services such as CRMs, payment gateways, social media platforms, and more, all without writing a single line of code. This enhancement is driven by our commitment to providing a more efficient, streamlined experience for both seasoned developers and those new to app development.

Featuring an intuitive, no-code interface, the API Node empowers you to configure API calls effortlessly. Whether you're retrieving data, posting updates, or triggering actions in external applications, the API Node handles it all. Its flexibility lies in supporting various HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE, making it adaptable to a wide array of use cases.

The addition of the API Node to Canonic's suite of tools is more than just a feature update; it's a strategic move to bridge the gap between your Canonic applications and the vast ecosystem of web services. It not only enhances the capabilities of your applications but also unlocks new possibilities for automation and data exchange. With the API Node, you're no longer confined to the data within your Canonic workflows; the world of external APIs is now at your fingertips.

Glance back history with Changelog

In the dynamic landscape of app development, keeping track of every change is crucial. That's why we've introduced the Changelog feature in Canonic, providing you with a comprehensive log of all the updates and edits made within your projects. Whether you've modified a data source, adjusted a workflow, or tweaked a component, the Changelog records each step, offering a detailed narrative of your application's evolution.


We understand the importance of reflection and revision in development. The Changelog is not just a feature; it's a crucial tool that captures the story of your project's progression. It's built to give you the ability to look back on the changes made, understand the trajectory of your project's growth, and if needed, revert to previous states with ease. This ensures that you can undo changes and maintain the integrity of your project

With the Changelog, teams can collaborate with greater transparency and accountability. It acts as a historical archive that highlights the contributions of each member, enhancing team coordination and project oversight. For individual developers, it serves as a personal ledger that chronicles the refinement of their work.


Guaranteed output

Streamline your Canonic workflows with the new enhancement that guarantees an output, even when no specific output node has been established. This update ensures a smoother workflow operation by automatically generating an output, providing a fail-safe for your data processes.

Role based home page

Canonic now offers a tailored user experience with the ability to designate specific home pages for different roles within RBAC. This enhancement allows for a more personalized and efficient interface, ensuring that users land on the most relevant page based on their assigned role

New Integrations


Apollo.io is a sales intelligence and engagement platform that combines a buyer database of over 250 million contacts with powerful sales engagement and automation tools in one easy-to-use platform.


Smartlead is a company that provides a platform for sending cold emails that land in the inbox at scale, with unlimited auto-rotating email accounts and AI warm-up to stay out of spam.


ClickUp is a productivity platform that offers a suite of tools including task management, document creation, goal tracking, and chat.


Rewardful is a company that provides a simple way for SaaS & subscription companies to set up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe & Paddle.

New Sample Projects

Promotional Code Manager

Project that lets you generate promotional codes and manage them.

Promotional Code Manager sample project

Invoice Management

Project that can create, manage, and edit invoices to ease your billing flow.

Invoice Management sample project

CRM Dashboard

A dashboard to manage all customer relationships effortlessly, and manage and track leads.

CRM Dashboard sample project

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved Compute Functionality Glitches: Fixed a critical issue in computing functionalities for smoother operation.
  • Changelog Modal Accuracy Enhanced: Addressed and fixed bugs in the changelog modal for accurate change tracking.
  • Improved Layout Overflow Handling: Enhanced overflow handling in layouts for a better UI experience.
  • Refined Form Validation: Fixed issues in form validation for improved accuracy and user experience.
  • Optimized Action Handlers: Streamlined action handlers for better usability.
  • Eliminated Unnecessary Mutations Validation: Removed unnecessary validations in mutations for operational efficiency.
  • Custom Carousel Styling Upgraded: Fixed styling inconsistencies in custom carousels for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Ticket Board Styling Improved: Enhanced the styling of ticket boards for better functionality and appearance.
  • SmartLead Integration Functionality Ensured: Made fixes in SmartLead integration to ensure full functionality and accurate integration.

Hope you like the new updates, looking forward to all the feedback!

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