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Release Notes - November 2023

An all-new layout engine, role-based access control, and overrides! Here's what Canonic launched in November.

Ajay Jarhad

Fri Dec 01 20234 min read

Big release this month! We've revamped our layout engine bringing truly responsive layouts to Canonic. In addition to that, we've added property overrides and role-based access control for the applications that you build on Canonic.

Let's dive in!

A brand new layout engine

We've revamped the layout capabilities to significantly enhance how you structure and design your projects. Understanding the need for a more intuitive and efficient way to organize UI components, we introduced an advanced layout system that harnesses the power of snapping and responsive design.


With the new system, components automatically snap into place and form a group when brought close to each other. This streamlines the design process by allowing for rapid assembly of complex layouts without sacrificing precision. The resulting group, also known as a container, incorporates flexbox settings. This not only elevates the aesthetic cohesiveness of your design but also ensures that layouts are inherently responsive.

The reason behind this feature addition is multifaceted. Firstly, it addresses the growing need for designs that are both flexible and responsive, as users increasingly access applications across a multitude of devices with varying screen sizes. Secondly, it simplifies the design process, allowing for quick grouping and alignment of components, which is particularly beneficial for users looking to build complex interfaces efficiently.

Moreover, containers are designed to support multiple views, extending the flexibility of your designs and allowing you to create more interactive and engaging user experiences. Whether it's for a data-rich dashboard, an intricate form, or an interactive interface, our enhanced layout and responsive design system empower you to create with confidence, knowing that your projects will be visually stunning and functionally robust on any platform.

Dynamic UI with Overrides

In our continuous effort to enhance the customization capabilities of Canonic's Frontend Builder, we've introduced the innovative Overrides feature. The motivation behind this addition was to address the growing need for applications to be adaptable and responsive across various platforms and conditions.


As applications become increasingly complex and user expectations for seamless experiences rise, there's a clear need for developers to have granular control over UI components. The Overrides feature was created to fill this gap by allowing property adjustments based on screen size, which is essential for crafting responsive designs that cater to a diverse range of devices and resolutions.

Additionally, the ability to use expressions for dynamic property changes was added to provide developers with the power to create more interactive and state-responsive components. This means that UI elements can now react in real-time to user interactions or changes in application state, offering a more engaging user experience.

The introduction of Overrides is a testament to Canonic's commitment to empowering developers with the tools they need to build not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and highly interactive web applications. It's a step forward in our journey to streamline the development process while opening up a world of creative possibilities for UI/UX design.


Role-based access control for your apps

We've upgraded our role-based homepage customization, offering enhanced control over permissions. You can add login to your apps by enabling a simple toggle. For more granular control, you can create roles and permissions. These can then be used throughout the app to limit access to pages, components, and workflows.

Workflow Logs

We've introduced logs for workflows. This feature is pivotal for improved monitoring and debugging. You can now look at all your past workflow executions, along with their detailed inputs and outputs.


Performance Enhancements

Our platform now has more fluid drag-and-drop and resizing capabilities, ensuring a smoother overall user experience and better performance.

New Sample Projects

Slack Approval

A dashboard that can be used to automate approval requests on Slack.

Slack Approval sample project

Booking Management

App to manage reservations and bookings.

Booking Management sample project

Files Dashboard

Dashboard to manage all your files and different file hosting providers.

Files dashboard sample project

Bug Fixes

  • Webhook Properties Resolved: Fixed critical issues with webhook properties.
  • Login Process Enhanced: Fixed bugs in Role-Based Access Management related to login.
  • Canvas Usability Bettered: Enhanced canvas resizing, snapping, and drag functionalities.
  • Input Component Glitches Fixed: Addressed issues in input components.
  • Navigation Quirks Fixed: Solved problems in navigation for smoother user movement.
  • Validation Processes Improved: Refined validation steps for more reliable data handling.
  • REST API Endpoint Creation Optimized: Made fixes in REST API endpoint creation for backend stability.
  • Rich-text Editors and Icons Updated: Fixed issues in rich-text editors and icons within Canonic Core UI components.
  • Tables and Lists Functionality Improved: Made improvements in tables and lists for better user interaction.

And that's a wrap for November! Try out the new features today, and let us know what you think!

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