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Release Notes - July 2023

Canonic's self-hosted edition is now generally available. Combine that with the canvas, and component improvements, there's a lot to dig into!

Soumik Chaudhuri

Tue Aug 01 20233 min read

Last month, we finally released our most requested feature. You can now self-host Canonic on your infrastructure safely secured behind your VPN. In addition to that, we've improved the overall canvas experience, making it easier to navigate around.

Let's have a look!

Canonic: Self-Hosted Edition

Canonic is proud to announce a groundbreaking addition to our platform: the Self-Hosted feature. In a world where data security and control are paramount, we've crafted a solution that gives you the autonomy to host your databases and services securely. This feature is akin to constructing your digital fortress, providing an unparalleled level of security and oversight over your data and services.

The Self-Hosted feature is designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. It can be deployed as a simple Docker image, seamlessly integrating into your existing infrastructure. This approach ensures that you maintain complete control over your data environment, ensuring that all your sensitive information remains within your secured perimeter.

Self-hosting your Canonic services offers numerous benefits, chief among them being enhanced security. By hosting your data on your servers, you effectively eliminate the risks associated with third-party hosting environments. This level of control is crucial for organizations handling sensitive data or operating under strict regulatory compliances.

Furthermore, the Self-Hosted feature provides you with the freedom to customize and optimize your hosting environment to suit your specific needs. Whether it's performance tuning, integrating with internal systems, or ensuring high availability, you have the power to tailor your setup in a way that best serves your organization's objectives.

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Workflow Enhancements

Quality-of-life upgrades have been made to workflows, significantly streamlining the user experience and making workflow management more intuitive and efficient.

Workflow Enhancements

Top-Menu and Composition Improvements

We've upgraded the top menu with new features like refresh and zoom controls. Additionally, the visibility of various compositions has been enhanced, improving interaction and usability.


UI and Responsivity Upgrades

New features like stacking, grids, and a device bar have been introduced. We've also made improvements to UI components and compositions, including stat cards and ticket board compositions, to augment the responsive design capabilities and the overall look and feel of the application.


New Sample Projects

Bug Reporting Tool

An app that provides comprehensive suite to track, create, and manage bugs.

Bug Reporting Tool sample project

Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard app for tracking various metrics with different visualization tools.

Analytics Dashboard sample project

Employee feedback Tool

App to gather and analyze all the employee feedback.

Employee feedback Tool sample project

Bug Fixes

  • Workflow Functionality Enhanced: Fixed various issues in workflows for smoother operation.
  • Resolved Keyboard-Related Crashes: Fixed crashes triggered by specific keyboard inputs.
  • UI Layout Upgrades: Enhanced UI layout for better accessibility.
  • Navigation Control Enhancements: Improved navigation controls for a smoother user experience.
  • Dynamic UI List Height Adjustments: Made adjustments to list heights in response to provider changes.
  • Dashboard Reliability Increased: Fixed issues causing repetition of sample projects on the dashboard.
  • Refined Validation Models: Implemented improvements in validation models for greater accuracy.
  • Stability and Performance Improvements: Conducted minor enhancements across the platform for increased stability and performance.

Hope these features and improvements help you drive more value from Canonic. That's it for this edition, see you next time!

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