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Introducing Canonic's new pricing

We've launched new pricing to reflect our recent releases. It's more frictionless and a lot more free!

Pratham Agrawal

Mon Jun 05 20232 min read

Since Canonic's gone full-stack our current pricing was no longer aligning with what you could build on the platform.

Our current pricing was also complicated and technical making it confusing for our customers to estimate costs when planning their applications. API calls are hard to predict and can vary wildly based on traffic. There were also 12 other parameters to look into when making a decision. Talk about decision overload!


Simplifying Canonic's pricing

Starting today, we're rolling out a simplified pricing tier.

  • Free
    The free plan would allow for unlimited projects and up to 5000 app users. If you're a single builder, this plan is ideal for you. All projects deployed would have a Built with Canonic bubble at the bottom. All support is provided via our Discord community.
  • Pro ($199/mo)
    In addition to what's available on the free plan, this plan allows for up to 3 collaborators and unlimited app users. You can also remove the Built with Canonic branding and add your own theming. You can also add custom domains, and create multiple environments. 24h support via email and Discord.
  • Enterprise
    This is a custom plan built according to your requirements. This plan is ideal when you need on-premises deployments, audit logs, and role-based access control. We also provide a dedicated account manager to help with any issues and to ensure your success on our platform.

We feel this will make it much easier to pick a plan and estimate costs for your app.


Q. What happens to existing users and their plans?

  • If you're on the Free plan, your limits will automatically transition to the new plan on 1st June 2023.
  • If you're on the Team plan, your current plan will continue to renew till 31st December 2023. If you don't switch to one of the newer plans by then, you will be automatically downgraded to the Free plan
  • If you're on the Growth plan, your current plan will continue to renew till 31st December 2023. If you don't switch to one of the newer plans by then, you will be automatically switched to the new Pro ($199/mo) plan.

Q. What's the difference between app users and collaborators?

  • App users are the people who use the application that you build on Canonic. For example, if you build a client portal, all the clients will be app users.
  • Collaborators are the people who will build the application on Canonic. These are the people that will log in to Canonic and not on the application you build.

Q. How do I learn more about the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan is completely based on your requirements. Reach out to us with your at hello@canonic.dev and we would love to chat.

More exciting updates coming soon so stay tuned! If you have any questions please reach out to us at hello@canonic.dev.

Onwards & upwards 🚀

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