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When development met automation and kickstarted the journey of the next coding revolution

Our Journey

In 2017, we thought about a need for the product

What if the backend issue could be solved, what if 100’s of hours could be saved with a simple solution

After 2 years of just using workarounds, we finally got fed up and decided to build it.

We wanted to encourage people to build their own products with minimal effort and maximum outcomes & dynamic ideas

In 2020, we launched a product which is modular & usable

With an easy to use graph approach we created Canonic to take a step towards low code modular development.

Go live with low code, easy collaboration, maximum impact & maximum productivity.

Here are the problems we solve

Ship digital products at 10x pace

Work with limited development effort

Collaborate with more people online

Access projects from anywhere in the world

Easy to access data system, apply across platforms

Integrate with other products to improve efficiency

Just copy paste the code and get started in seconds

We believe Canonic can be used as a platform for good.

We want to offer young kids a way to learn coding and also execute their ideas to test them faster in the market. We hope to get there soon. If you have some ideas, or, are interested to know more, please email us by clicking on the link below.

Reach out to us

If you got an exciting new project, we have the fastest way for you to build it.

Just leave your details here and we will give you a demo on how Canonic can help you scale and build quickly.