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Develop without the barrier of technical expertise.

Canonic strives to make digital product development easier and more accessible.

From idea to production, in less than a year.

Our Journey


In May 2020, we conceived the Canonic Revolution.

We were tired of having to code repetititve blocks and failed find a simpler solution. So we decided to create one.


For 6 months, we explored features and tested prototypes with potential users.

We know that good products take time. The vision to empower people to build their own digital products kept us going, day after day.


We launched in October 2020 and were ranked #3 on Product Hunt’s product of the day.

The first step towards creating a low-code backend development platform was finally underway. “Houston, we have liftoff”.


6 months of hardwork and a lot of meetings later ...

We got a lot of feedback, investor interest and collaboration opportunities.


In March 2021, we became a US & India registered pre-seed funded startup.

It was official. What was born out of a small apartment in Mumbai was now a fully-fledged startup with a growing team.


4 months later, we’re ready to come out of beta.

After a little over a year of building Canonic, we’re excited to come out of beta; ready to take on the low-code world.

Automate Events without diving into CRON and scripts

Canonic is rapidly growing and we’d appreciate your input.

If you have an idea, suggestion or problem that you’ve faced, reach out and help us make Canonic more powerful.

Meet the team

The faces behind the product.

    Pratham Agrawal
    Founder & CEO
    Simranjot Singh
    Co-Founder & CPO
    Aditi Jain
    Co-Founder & CDO
    Tanisha Chouhan
    Marketing & Content
    Ajay Jarhad
    Full Stack Engineer
    Soumik Chaudhuri
    Full Stack Engineer
    Aakash Chauhan
    Graphics Designer
    Athul K Kumar
    Full Stack Intern
    Ayaan Belim
    Sales Intern

Enough said, let's start building

Start using canonic's fullstack solution to build internal tools for free