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The simplest way for agile teams to build internal tools.

A low-code solution for teams to focus on critical tasks and automate the rest.

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Creating complex internal tools has never been easier. Here's how

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Bring all of your fragmented data to one place securely 💡

Connect data from your database & build internal tools complete with workflows on top of it. The Mindmap-like builder, lets you visualize your application with ease.

We don't retain any of your data and your credentials are securely stored with us. Your data is always stored with you.

  • Databases

    Connect to multiple databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

  • Integrations

    We support 3rd party integrations like Google sheet, Github, and more.

Snap UI components together into a powerful interface

Combine different UI components by simple drag and drop interface to create the UI that you need. We support multiple components like Tables, Charts, Forms, Lists, and more. Set advanced business logic through workflows and queries.

No design or coding required.

Automated workflows for efficient work

We support workflows to call a custom HTTP API, perform ETLs, send an alert, process data from Webhook, schedule cron-like jobs and many more.

With these workflows and webhooks in place, we make sure you can extend your internal tool with all your services!

Build modularly from ground up.

Canonic can act as fullstack solution or just as a backend or a frontend solution - giving you the flexibility to add it on top of your existing stack!

No Vendor Lock-In!

Code Export

You are Free to leave the platform without any loss of work by converting your nocode app to code by a simple click of the button!

Built-in Code Editor

A full blown code editor inside Canonic bypasses any limitation of the UI. You are in full control and can change the working of your app as required.


Deploy Canonic on your own infrastructure in less than 10 minutes and access your data no matter where it is. Start shipping apps fast and securely to move your business forward.

Enough said, let's start building

Start using canonic's fullstack solution to build internal tools for free