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We are set out to solve the backend problem, which is faced by most of the tech products & brands today.

The approach for it is to build more modular, customisable and low code API. Canonic enables you to do the same.

How do we know?

It takes approximately 40 hours to set up a simple website backend.

Over that is the time to create custom UI for the various pages. Which takes approximately 4-6 hours / page.

So if we have a simple 6-8 pages website, it would take anywhere between 60 - 100 hours to ship out

Which is indefinitely a lot of time & effort invested. Also, don’t forget the cost of maintaining and updating your product post the release

Therefore, we created Canonic!

An online tool that helps you set up your backend in just a few minutes and you can now take your data and build any digital product at lightening speed.

We want to create an impact

The global information technolog market is on a pace to reach $5.2 trillion in 2020

Every year there are new tech products or brands emerging which must require an online presence

We are living in the digital age and everything has to happen fast here. At lightening speed

Enthusiastic about exploring building APIs at the speed of light?

We are now available for public access. Signup via Google, Github or Facebook to get started!