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Effortless user onboarding with Canonic

Streamline your user onboarding process and reduce friction for new users

Simplify and optimize user signup

Social Login

Allow users to sign up with their social media accounts to simplify the registration process.

Form Autofill

Auto-populate user information during sign-up to speed up the process and reduce errors.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enable users to sign in once and access all of your products and services without having to remember multiple passwords.

Hook and engage new users

Onboarding Checklist

Provide new users with a clear checklist of tasks to complete to help them understand how to use your product effectively.

In-App Tutorials

Offer guided tours and video tutorials to help new users learn how to use your product quickly and easily.

Customizable Messages

Personalize your messages to make new users feel valued and appreciated.

Track User Progress

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor user behavior and track progress with detailed analytics and reporting.

In-App Feedback

Gather feedback from users within your product to identify pain points and improve the onboarding experience.

Automated Follow-Ups

Send tailored follow-up emails to motivate new users to onboarding process completion.

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