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Focus on your core backend logic, leave the rest to us

Save time by focusing on your what matters. Take advantage of a wide range of webhooks & integrations to extend your stack with ease. Our platform is capable of auto scaling, saving you hundreds of hours in the development pipeline.

  • 90%

    Less Boilerplate

  • NO

    Techical Debt

  • No code for most tasks

    Canonic is easy to use without code but can also be extended to build powerful workflows.


Save time on your next backend project

  • GraphQL & Rest APIs

    GraphQL & Rest APIs

    Based on the content, both GraphQL & REST APIs are generated automatically.

    You can extend them, create new ones or chain them up with webhooks to build powerful workflows.

  • Webhooks & Integrations

    Webhooks & Integrations

    Sending emails, triggering slack notifications, triggering deploys and configuring identity options are all easier than ever.

    No coding experience needed

  • Business Logic ++

    Business Logic ++

    Maintenance and tech debt can easily become a big distraction when dealing with production environments.

    Canonic helps shave hours of updating, maintaining & scaling repeatable code.

If you got an exciting new project, we have the fastest way for you to build it.

Just leave your details here and we will give you a demo on how Canonic can help you scale and build quickly.

Go lean & fast. Scale to infinity.

Ship Apps Faster

Start with Canonic for your backend to get a jumpstart on your development cycle.

Go Lean

Do more with less. Focus on your business logic and let us handle the scale for you.

Multiple SDKs

SDKs coming soon for all major languages. Interact with Canonic as a data source with ease.

GraphQL Playground

Test and use your APIs using a convenient to use IDE built into Canonic, complete with quick access to the docs, schema & autocomplete!

Molded Documentation

Documentation is automatically generated for your content based on the graph and the endpoints defined. Including custom ones!