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Craft apps without worrying about the backend

Focus on what matters, leave everything else to us. Build complex APIs and content management systems with Canonic's intuitive graph based platform.

  • 10x

    Faster dev time

  • NO

    Techical Debt

  • Backend experience no longer necessary

    Build products end to end without without writing a single line of backend infrastructure code.


Built for developers by developers

  • Backend ready in minutes

    Backend ready in minutes

    Focus on delivering your apps faster without worrying about scalability and backend infrastructure.

    Everything just works.

  • GraphQL APIs

    GraphQL APIs

    GraphQL allows you to fetch only the content you need all through a single endpoint. This makes it fast and efficient for all kinds of workloads.

  • Crafted CMS

    Crafted CMS

    Our content management system adapts to the content you define.

    Rich input types make authoring and publishing a breeze.

If you got an exciting new project, we have the fastest way for you to build it.

Just leave your details here and we will give you a demo on how Canonic can help you scale and build quickly.

Optimized for apps

Molded Documentation

Docs are automatically generated for your content based on the grap for easy reference.

i18n Support

Support multiple locales to serve a wider range of visitors across different languagaes and regions. (Coming Soon)

Multiple SDKs

SDKs coming soon for all major languages. Interact with Canonic as a data source with ease.

Ship Apps Faster

Start with Canonic for your backend to get a jumpstart on your development cycle.

Cross platform APIs

Seamlessly update content across all apps. Make hard-coding your content a thing of the past.