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Excited to collaborate with you via Canonic’s Partnership Program

Provide custom internal tools and workflows to automate tedious business processes and drive unprecedented efficiency for your customers. Additionally, expand your reach and potential with access to our vast network of over 7000+ customers

Serve quicker, faster, and better with Canonic

Accelerate Business Automation

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface empowers you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline complex business processes in a matter of minutes.

Expand Your Product Portfolio

Empower your customers with a comprehensive solution that optimizes their operations, boosts productivity, and delivers tangible results.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Access a wealth of resources, training, and support to unlock new revenue streams and maximize your profitability.

Collaborative Partnership

Benefit from dedicated account management, co-marketing, and our unwavering commitment to mutual growth.

Service Partner

As our primary services division, you'll provide exceptional consulting, sales, and technical services to help our joint customers quickly create custom business apps.

  • Enjoy free support to ensure you never get blocked.
  • Access training materials for improved efficiency.
  • Receive sales and marketing support to ensure your success.

Technology Partner

As a Technology Partner, you'll collaborate on building integrations with Canonic and work together to drive adoption among our shared customers.

  • Gain free development instances, technical support, and marketing benefits.
  • Work closely with a Partner Manager on strategy alignment and marketing initiatives.
  • Stand out with unique tools integral to the way our customers work.

We are ready to achieve remarkable success together as a team. Are you?

Join our Partnership Program today!