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Integrate and optimize the workflow

Transform data, reduce time spent due to manual processes, scale your integrations with the lowcode code editor, create customized workflows based on triggers or based on time, and can help your business for the faster go-to-market. 🚀


Integrate services easily to work efficiently

    Google Sheets
    Create a schedule trigger that fetches the metrics from YouTube likes and fill up the stats in a google sheet. Canonic then triggers a slack as well as email integration to notify end users with sheet link.
    Create a trigger for every time a row is added in an air table with the "pin" data. Canonic then sends this to slack for approval. After getting the approval back, it's posted on Pinterest as a "pin".
    Create a trigger which updates the inventory on Shopify whenever a new row is added to the inventory sheet.
    Create a trigger that is triggered every time a ticket is added to Asana. Therefore, every time a ticket is created on Asana, an issue is created on GitHub.


One-stop solution for

    Time-consuming integrations
    Save the complex task of coding and integrating each API by directly adding them to your stack with Canonic
    Manage multiple sources of APIs
    Canonic provides you with a single dashboard to manage your sources and APIs saving you the hassle of going to multiple platforms
    Complex maintenance and resources
    Coding and maintaining integrations is resource consuming, Canonic allows you to save time-cost as well as engineering effort

Enough said, let's start building

Start using canonic's fullstack solution to build internal tools for free