Rich Text Input Component

Configuration Options
Theme Options


The rich text input component is used for collecting rich multiline text from the user. It supports various formatting such as bold, italic, different font sizes and paragraphs.


Configuration Options


Expected Type: String

An optional label for the input. Can be used to define what the input is for, for the user.


Expected Type: String

An optional placeholder for the input. It's displayed inside the input till the input doesn't have a value.


Expected Type: String

An optional hint for the input. It's displayed inside a tooltip right next to the label upon hover.

Default Value

Expected Type: String

The default value for the input. This can be used to show initial values to the input that can then be changed by the user.


Expected Type: Boolean

This determines whether the input component is editable by the user or not.


Expected Type: Text | Password

If set to password, the input characters are hidden. Useful when collecting sensitive information such as passwords.


  • Change: Triggers whenever the input is changed.
  • Focus: Triggers whenever the user focuses on the input.
  • Blur: Triggers whenever the user blurs the input.


You can use the validation builder to add various validations on the input. This can range from the input simply being required to complex regex based validations.


You can read more on how to configure validations here.

Theme Options

  • Type: The input theme style (Default | Compact | Alternate)
  • Text Align: The input's text alignment. (Number | Pixels)
  • Text Color: The input's text color. (String | Hex)
  • Label Color: The input's text color. (String | Hex)
  • Hint Color: The input's text color. (String | Hex)
  • Placeholder Color: The input's placeholder color. (String | Hex)
  • Text Size: The input's text size. (Number | Pixels)
  • Padding: The input's padding. (Number | Pixels)
  • Shadow: The input's shadow. (Shadow)
  • Border: The input's border. You can also specify the radius for the edges. (Border)
  • Background Color: The input's background color. (String | Hex)
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